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Adopt an olive tree


Kastro Grove has a history of 65 years and is located in Ilia prefecture, Greece at a close distance from Ancient Olympia. It has been managed by our family for 3 generations up to now, however, the elder son Giorgos has taken personal care of it since 2004, when he returned after his studies in Vienna. There, he was influenced by the new trend at that time in western Europe for organic food and decided to adopt a natural way of farming for our family

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Desiring a healthy life with real organic extra virgin olive oil, an idea has come up that guests in China could "adopt" an olive tree for a year in Greece and enjoy the organically produced extra virgin olive oil from the grove where your own olive tree is! To make a long story short, Kastro is the name of the village in Greece, where the grove is, as well as the brand name of our organic olive oil. "From My Grove" is the motto for Kastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, because this is really what it is!

Before you choose your grove, please check out what you will really get!

"Adopt an olive tree"

1. First package to be received within 15 working days from order confirmation date:
- Photo of your own tree and its actual location (easy to find at google earth!)
- 2 bottles x 500ml organic Kastro Extra Virgin Olive Oil to familiarize yourself with its fruity taste
and practise making salads!

2. Second package to be received in next June. Harvest is in early December, however, your olive oil is bottled without any filtration after 3 months of natural sedimentation.
- 5 bottles x 500ml. This is the organically produced extra virgin olive oil from your own olive tree

What is more, "parents" are welcome to visit their trees (and help Giorgos a little bit!) in Kastro Grove any time of the year!