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Kastro Grove is located on a hill west of Kastro village, Greece above the sandy Kyllini Golden Beach. The panoramic views from here across the Ionian Sea to the islands of Cephalonia and Zakynthos are really stunning! Please choose a grove that you most like here:

Lakes (57 trees of Koroneiki variety)
The name refers to the altitude of this land, which is actually lower than that of the other groves on the hill. Such location, however, protects the olive trees from strong winds and makes the olives here very juicy! It is the first grove on the way up on the hill or (the other way round) the last grove on the way to the beach!

Paliostani (35 trees of Koroneiki variety)
Before 1946, when the first olive trees were planted in this grove, there had been an animal shelter here, where the owners kept their animals in the night (it could be this reason why the land of this grove is particularly fertile!). Following this tradition, nowadays, there is a small warehouse here to keep all necessary tools for organic farming!

Gerasimina (84 trees of Koroneiki variety)
For those interested in socio-linguistics (and olive oil!), this is a nice case! In early 19th century, the owner of this land was called "Gerasimos". His wife was a powerful woman who actually managed the land, so this place was named "Gerasimina" for the sake of her. Although, we finally don't know her real name, however, it is amazing that in those years a male dominated society praised in this way such a woman! All trees in this grove bear Gerasimina's strong character!

Tragana (87 trees of Koroneiki variety)
Most of the trees here are more than 60 years old, but there are also a few planted 15 years ago to replace some really old ones! The soil in this grove is very "crispy" (tragana in Greek), so even the young olive trees have grown up really big and the oil produced here has a wonderful fruity taste!

Skepasta (102 trees of Koroneiki variety)
Underground water is abundant in this grove, which makes olive oil very fruity! However, fresh water also attracts the neighbors' herds of sheep, whose "natural fertilizers" help a lot in the organic farming of the grove! After a hard day's work, this is the best place to see the red sun "diving" into the sea between Zakynthos and Cephalonia islands!

Lintzi (89 trees of Koroneiki variety)
This grove is located near the thermal springs of Lintzi, which are famous from Roman times until now for their healing effects. Mud-baths are very popular with locals and tourists here, so, in case you meet in the grove anybody full of mud drying under the sun, please don't get mad at them! Mud baths are for free, so why don't you also try it as well?

Stenokaries (51 trees of Koroneiki variety)
Until 1999, this grove had lemon and pomegranate trees only. Then, 75 young olive trees of Koroneiki variety were planted here and now they are already teens! This grove is located just in front of the stony Kastro Analipsi Beach, so the place is ideal for teenagers who are willing to explore nature and grow up in a healthy way, such as the olive trees here do!

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the grove you like most as well as the name of your tree, the required delivery address as well as your personal contact details.